Post-COVID-19 Update

As states begin to relax social distancing restrictions and restart their economies, the post-COVID-19 landscape has started to take shape. That landscape still looks rocky at the moment. Most states are taking phased approaches to the reopening of their economies. Previously announced reopening dates continue to be pushed back. This leaves access to public services in a wait-and-see mode with state officials essentially saying “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Though it is expected that many states will reopen more fully this summer, others are waiting to see how things go with the return to school in September.

On the positive side of things, IRC has been able to maintain access to some jurisdictions. IRC continues to work with court officials, our researchers on the ground, and other resources to access local court records.

IRC is proud of its more than 35-year history of performing background checks and being a pioneer in this industry. In this time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenge, we remain especially dedicated to being a reliable partner to our clients. We will update you as soon as new information becomes available.